Cultural and artistic projects play an important role in DGTL’s identity. We curate a wide variety of conceptual art performances and installations to engage our visitors. We work with local artists as much as possible. From industrial to modular to recycled, the art at DGTL is an integral part of the overall concept: an unparalleled festival experience from which people can derive something extra. 



This year's DGTL Amsterdam was opened with the impressive art project Skyline. The installation was designed by Boris Acket, Nick Verstand and Bob Roijen and was supported by special performances by Colin Benders, Dax J and Oceanic throughout the weekend. 


Learn more about the project here:




One of our program’s aims is for DGTL to become a waste-free festival. Therefore, all art projects need to be as sustainable as possible. In order to fulfil this objective, we require artists to supply a list with all materials used in the work. This ensures us they have taken into account the environmental impact of your work and that you implement environmentally friendly means of production. We strongly encourage the use of reclaimed or recycled materials. 


Our circular art installation 'Refract' at DGTL Amsterdam 2019:



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